AI Script Writer: Revolutionizing Screenplay Creation

Are you tired of struggling with writer’s block or finding it difficult to get started on a story or script? Worry no more! The world of artificial intelligence (AI) script writing tools is here to make your creative writing journey easier and more efficient. These AI-driven tools can effortlessly expand your written text into longer stories and even draft the next sentences for you.

These applications harness the power of machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, and intricate story generator systems to go beyond human creativity. You might be astonished by their exceptional output quality and discover new ideas to extend your script writing. To aid you in your search, we explored the top AI content generators and compiled their features, pros and cons, and pricing for a comprehensive comparison.

Key Takeaways

  • AI script writing tools can help overcome writer’s block and speed up creative writing projects.
  • A variety of AI content generators are available, each with their unique algorithms and features to suit different writing needs.
  • Jasper stands out for its robust functionality and human-like output, making it a top choice among AI script writers.

Jasper – The Top AI Script Writer

Exceptional Features

Jasper is an AI script writer that uses GPT-3 algorithms to craft various types of high-quality content efficiently. With over 50 templates available, you’ll discover the ideal tool for any writing task, from marketing copy to blog posts and stories.

AI Script Writer

A Sample of an AI-generated Story

Utilizing Jasper’s Long-Form Assistant, you can begin your story with a foundation and let Jasper take it from there. For instance, imagine starting with a few lines about a young girl named Maria and her mysterious encounters in a forest. Jasper picks up on your initial sentences and seamlessly expands the story with vivid details and engaging events, all while allowing you to interact and edit along the way.

Advantages and Drawbacks


  • The interactive nature of the long-form editor
  • No limitations on writing length
  • Boss Mode enhances Jasper’s understanding of your content and adds speed to the process
  • Content can be translated into over 25 languages
  • Developed with sophisticated machine learning


  • None

Pricing Tiers

Jasper offers a variety of pricing options, starting with the Starter package at $29/month and Boss Mode at $59/month. Opting for a yearly plan provides two months of free access to all plans. Furthermore, Jasper extends a generous 5-day money-back guarantee for users to try the AI script writer risk-free.

With Jasper’s expansive writing tools and user-friendly interface, you’ll be able to generate captivating scripts and stories in just minutes, streamlining your workflow and reducing production time. Give it a try and experience the power of AI in elevating your writing game.

ShortlyAI – Transforming Thoughts into Tales

Unique Features

ShortlyAI is an impressive AI script generator, designed to assist you with crafting stories and novels. Built on advanced OpenAI GPT-3 algorithms, this platform generates human-like content, allowing for a seamless transition from your thoughts to engaging stories on the page. As a stand-alone product under Conversion AI, ShortlyAI offers an interactive experience that caters to both fiction and non-fiction writing.

Sample Story Creation

To demonstrate its capability, here’s an example of a story generated by ShortlyAI:

Title: It Came From The Forest

Maria was ten years old when she moved in with her new foster parents, Suzy and Bill…

Note: The full text can be found in the provided background information.

While some parts of the story may need minor editing, ShortlyAI successfully maintains the theme of the forest throughout the text, providing you with an authentic and creative starting point.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Interactive writing process
  • Refine Commands for greater control over content
  • No writing limit
  • 3-day free trial available
  • Utilizes the same machine learning infrastructure as Jasper


  • Possible discontinuation due to acquisition by

Cost Information

The pricing plan is straightforward: $65 per month for an annual subscription, or $79 per month billed monthly. Give ShortlyAI a try to see how it can elevate your writing process and spark your creativity.

Writesonic – Produce Quality Writing With This AI Script Writer

Amazing Features

Writesonic is the ideal AI script writer for those who require quick content generation in an user-friendly interface. It offers various features like checking readability and expanding sentences, helping you create captivating blogs, landing pages, product descriptions, stories, and more with ease. The long-form writing assistant uses advanced GPT-3 AI algorithms to generate content of any length.

A Sample Generated Story

Here is an example of a story generated by the AI writing assistant. The bold text represents the starting paragraph, and the rest of the content is generated by the AI without any additional input or editing.

Maria was ten years old when she moved in with her new foster parents, Suzy and Bill. Their house was on the edge of the village close to the forest. The forest was a magical place for Maria. She loved to run through the trees, play hide and seek in their dark shadows, pick wild berries and play with the chipmunks.

The AI script writer did an impressive job! It expanded on the theme while maintaining the essence of the initial text provided.

Pros and Cons of Using Writesonic


  • Interactive long-form writing assistant
  • Generates high-quality content


  • Content length depends on the subscription plan
  • With a high creativity level, the AI might deviate from the provided input

Pricing Options

The primary differences in pricing plans depend on the monthly usage credits and priority support. The number of credits deducted relies on the type of content generated. Get creative and try Writesonic now!

ContentBot – Crafting Human-Like Narratives

Remarkable Attributes

ContentBot presents over 41 templates, making it suitable for various content creation tasks. It addresses copywriting, marketing, and other requirements with ease.

Two AI engine options power ContentBot: OpenAI GPT-3 and Tinyseed. For swift, high-quality content in small volumes, GPT-3 is ideal. In contrast, Tinyseed yields large quantities of lower-quality output at a slower pace.

A Sample Generated Tale

Using the long-form AI writer feature of ContentBot, you can experiment with story writing. Select the output length, language, and type a title before beginning to write the seed content. As soon as you press the “Write for Me” button, the AI takes over.

Feel free to edit the generated text and contribute to the writing process as the AI generates text that can tend to become repetitive. Options are available to alter the tone of selected text and check its uniqueness.

For instance, the generated story begins with a girl named Maria moving in with her new foster parents. One stormy night, Maria listens to what she believes are wolves howling, only to find it was the wind in the trees brushing against the window. While short and appealing, the text lacks creative flair.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Interactive generation process
  • Availability of a free plan


  • A tendency for repetitive text
  • Limited creativity in writing

Price Structure

ContentBot offers a free plan, providing approximately 250 short-form AI-generated content pieces and two long-form stories per month. The Premium plan, priced at $59/m, includes unlimited short-form content creation and 40,000 long-form words per month.

The Premium Plus plan, costing $99/m, grants unlimited short-form content credits and allows you to generate around 150,000 long-form words per month.

TextCortex AI – Full Freedom to Write Anything You and Your Business Need

Unique Features

TextCortex utilizes cutting-edge Natural Language Generation (NLG) algorithms to craft engaging content for your business, website, blogs, YouTube videos, Facebook ads, Google ads, video content, and other content creation needs. The AI saves time by doing 70% of the writing while you maintain full creative control.

Sample Generated Story

Imagine you start a story with: Maria was ten years old when she moved in with her new foster parents, Suzy and Bill. Their house was on the edge of the village close to the forest. The forest was a magical place…

TextCortex AI can produce a continuation, although sometimes the results may not be satisfactory. Lack of guidance during the AI writing process may result in a disjointed narrative. However, the AI’s creativity level can be adjusted to generate different outputs.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Affordable pricing and various plans
  • 5-day free trial for all packages
  • Supports 72 languages


  • The writing process isn’t interactive
  • Generated stories may not always follow the provided input

Price Options

TextCortex offers several pricing plans like a Basic package for $19/month, a Pro package for $49/month, and a Team package that costs $49/month per user with dedicated support. The annual subscription provides a 15% discount. The Enterprise API package cost is available upon request.

Now that you’re familiar with TextCortex AI, give it a try and see how it can enhance your content creation process!

The Best AI Script Writer – Conclusion

When it comes to top-notch AI script writing and story generation, it’s essential to have a long-form editor that allows you to collaborate with the AI, guiding it through the story creation process. Jasper, an impressive AI script writer, shines in this aspect and produces high-quality content with minimal guidance.

Using Jasper, you can easily extend your story with just a few nudges, making the writing process faster, enjoyable, and more creative. Moreover, utilizing OpenAI’s Chat GPT as a brainstorming assistant alongside Jasper, your storytelling journey might lead you to undiscovered paths and spark your inspiration.

Indeed, if writing stories is your passion, a smart move is to combine the outstanding capabilities of interactive AI script generators such as Jasper. With Jasper, you’ll find that the writing process is not only a breeze but also a fun experience filled with countless creative possibilities. So, go ahead and explore the world of AI script writers to elevate your storytelling game.

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