Best Blogs for Women: Top Choices to Empower and Inspire

Blogging has evolved tremendously over the past fifteen years, transforming from personal online journals to information-rich platforms that many people rely on for valuable advice and inspiration. Women, in particular, have created empowering and diverse communities through blogs, covering topics like lifestyle, motherhood, career, travel, food, and health.

If you’re seeking new inspiring blogs to follow or considering starting your own, this list of top blogs for women will prove invaluable. We aim to provide a comprehensive overview of different niches and the best blogs in each category, demonstrating that there truly is something for every woman looking to learn, grow, and explore new ideas.

Key Takeaways

  • Blogs have evolved from personal online journals to valuable sources of information and inspiration.
  • There are top blogs for women covering various niches, including lifestyle, motherhood, career, travel, food, and health.
  • Exploring these blogs can inspire you with new ideas, advice, and motivation, as well as help you learn about the competition if you’re considering starting your own blog.

Identifying the Elements of a Successful Blog

The blogging world is vast, covering numerous topics such as fashion, travel, family life, and fitness. To stand out and succeed, your blog needs these key factors:

Best Blogs for Women
  • Consistency in Publishing: Regularly updating your blog helps retain your audience’s interest. Remember, out of sight is out of mind.
  • Ease of Use: A clean and easy-to-navigate blog attracts more readers. Pay attention to a blog’s theme to ensure it is visually appealing, with working menus and links.
  • Contextual Links: Including relevant links within your blog posts helps readers engage with your content and potentially monetize your blog. Be cautious about adding unrelated links, as they could drive readers away.
  • Expressing Passion: A passion for your subject will shine through in your writing and entice readers to connect. Authenticity is key to a blog’s success.

When tackling topics such as advice, relationships, dating, self-improvement, and trends, ensuring your blog is SEO-friendly helps it reach more readers. Sharing information, experiences, and book recommendations will further enrich your blog’s content.

In summary, focusing on frequent content updates, a user-friendly website, relevant links, and showcasing your passion will make your blog stand out. Keep these elements in mind, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a thriving blog for your audience.

Best General Lifestyle Blogs For Women

1. Wit & Delight

Wit & Delight offers a little bit of everything for its readers. You’ll find posts about travel, cooking, beauty tips, career development, and more. The beautifully designed website makes it easy to navigate through various categories and seamlessly explore their content.

2. The Everygirl

The Everygirl blog stands out due to its relatable and engaging content that truly resonates with women from all walks of life. Expect to find articles covering everything from sex and relationships to home decor and beauty tips.

3. A Beautiful Mess

Founded by two sisters in 2007, A Beautiful Mess focuses on their passion for making things at home, be it jewelry, woodworking, or cocktails. Additionally, they offer valuable advice on growing your own online business, photography, and blogging.

4. XO Necole

XO Necole was created by ex-celebrity gossip blogger Necole Kane as a safe space for women of color. The blog features diverse stories and reads like a heart-to-heart with your closest friends. From relationships and beauty to travel, motherhood, and career advice, there’s something for everyone.

5. Sixty + Me

Sixty + Me is a fashion and lifestyle blog catered to women over 60, aiming to empower them to lead happier, healthier lives. Founded by Margaret Manning, the blog offers valuable information about health, life, and money, as well as important posts about aging and mindset.

Best Blogs About Motherhood & Family

6. Stylish Mom Wardrobe

Your body changes after giving birth, and finding fashionable yet functional clothing can become a challenge. Stylish Mom Wardrobe, also known as The Mom Edit, is dedicated to helping you find great pieces that match your unique style and make you feel comfortable. This blog also provides fashion advice for men and children, as well as general posts about motherhood.

7. Parenthood Perspectives

Although Parenthood Perspectives, or Cup of Jo, started as a lifestyle blog, it evolved into a space for motherhood and parenting discussions when its founder, Joanna Goddard, became a mom. With posts written by multiple contributors, this blog covers a wide range of topics, from book reviews to travel tips. Their “Motherhood Around the World” series explores parenting cultures worldwide, making it an exciting read.

8. Fearless Moms

It’s hard to find a mom who hasn’t heard of Fearless Moms, otherwise known as Scary Mommy. Dominating the world of parent-focused media, this blog features a collaborative community of mothers sharing their experiences, making it inclusive for all types of moms. Besides the blog itself, Fearless Moms offers a Snapchat story, ovulation/due date calculator, weekly pregnancy tracker, and even a parenting confessional.

9. Bouncing Back Mom

We all face setbacks in life, and Bouncing Back Mom, or Comeback Momma, is a space for moms to find support in their journey to rebuild. Created by Jenn Mitchell, this blog shares tips for leading happier, healthier lives. With posts covering fitness, travel, family fun, women’s health, and self-care, you’ll find valuable insights on how to bounce back from challenges.

10. Smart & Stylish Parenting

As a parent, efficiency is crucial. Smart & Stylish Parenting, also known as Savvy Sassy Moms, is here to help. Founded by a seasoned mom of two, this blog offers numerous posts to make your parenting journey smoother. From DIY tips to helpful reviews, you’ll find content on travel, lifestyle, and working from home. The authentic experiences of the mom team behind the site make it easy for readers to relate to their content.

Best Finance & Career Blogs For Your Inner Girl Boss

11. Empowering Women at Work: Career Contessa

Unleash your potential at work with Career Contessa, a platform designed to help you stay inspired and motivated. From career advice and courses to coaching and job boards that fit your needs, this community promotes women empowering each other to achieve success.

12. Personal and Business Advice: Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo has appeared on Oprah and is well-known for empowering individuals to create the life they want. Her blog and digital education platform offer invaluable business advice and strategies for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

13. Daily Inspiration: Career Girl Daily

Since 2014, Career Girl Daily has provided tips on topics such as money management, productivity, and organization to inspire women to take charge of their lives. Also, enjoy approachable discussions on fashion and self-care from the owner, Celine.

14. Switching Paths: Classy Career Girl

If you’re thinking about a career change, Classy Career Girl is your resource for inspiration and actionable advice. With its blog, online classes, and podcasts, it equips you with everything needed to make a smooth transition into your new professional journey.

15. Understanding Money: The Financial Diet

The Financial Diet demystifies money matters, making them more accessible and enjoyable to learn about. Their engaging blog covers topics like budgeting, investing, and career guidance, while their eye-catching Instagram page and popular YouTube channel provide further insights into financial literacy.

Best Travel Inspo Blogs for Women

16. I Am Aileen

Aileen’s blog showcases her determination to demonstrate that achieving financial independence through remote work while traveling is possible, regardless of your background. Her site not only provides travel information but also resources for remote working. Having explored all seven continents, Aileen’s blog is sure to offer valuable tips for any destination you choose.

17. The Blonde Abroad

Embarking on solo female travel can be intimidating, but with proper planning and guidance, it can transform into a life-changing adventure. Kiersten, also known as The Blonde Abroad, created her blog to inspire women to take on empowering solo journeys. Her blog is organized by trip categories such as luxury, adventure, couples, and more. The Blonde Abroad offers advice on where to stay, what to pack, what to do, and what to eat during your travels.

18. Travel Noire

In the crowded world of online travel blogs, Travel Noire distinguishes itself by catering to black female travelers. The content is tailored to promote black-owned businesses and address racial acceptance in various travel destinations. By focusing on a specific audience, Travel Noire generates more traffic and provides a unique perspective for travelers.

Best Foodie Blogs for Women

19. Love and Lemons

Explore the world of vegetable-centric delights through the lens of this blog, offering vegetarian recipes that can be enjoyed by anyone who loves great food. By putting seasonal fruits and vegetables in the spotlight, Love and Lemons encourages you to embrace sustainable and healthy eating habits. You’ll also find practical tips on how to prepare common vegetables and plant-based essentials like quinoa and lentils.

20. Oh She Glows

Angela, the founder of Oh She Glows, has turned her passion for plant-based recipes into an award-winning blog that carries readers through her journey since 2008. Born out of her own recovery from an eating disorder, Oh She Glows highlights Angela’s sincerity in every post. Aside from the mouthwatering recipes, you’ll also find personal stories, suggestions for kitchen tools, and skincare product recommendations.

21. The Lean Green Bean

As a mother of three, Lindsay knows the importance of serving nutritious, budget-friendly, and easy-to-follow recipes. That’s why The Lean Green Bean exists – to show busy women that maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Browse her recipes, general cooking posts, and how-to guides for food prep and kitchen gadget reviews. Don’t miss the dedicated section for children, featuring ideas on how to engage the little ones in cooking activities.

Best Health & Fitness Blogs for Women

22. Love Sweat Fitness

Love Sweat Fitness goes beyond just being a workout blog by discussing essential topics related to women and fitness, such as stress-induced weight gain and postpartum bodies. The brand encourages a healthy lifestyle by balancing diet, exercise, and enjoying life. Their blog offers transformation stories, recipes, workouts, and overall wellness tips. You can also find more workouts and meal plan ideas on their app and YouTube channel.

23. The Skinny Confidential

The Skinny Confidential is an engaging blog where it’s easy to get immersed in reading post after post. Lauryn’s writing style is relaxed and humorous, and the blog covers a wide range of topics for women in their 20s and 30s, not just fitness. You’ll discover information about pregnancy, beauty, travel, fashion, and wellness. Visiting Lauryn’s site feels like sharing laughter with your girlfriends over a leisurely brunch.

24. Fitnessista

Focused on inspiring a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise, Gina started Fitnessista as a platform to share her healthy recipes and workout plans. As a certified fitness instructor and full-time mom, Gina’s content is relevant to everyone, especially women and moms. Her blog features a section on postpartum fitness and chronicles her journey through motherhood. Additionally, you’ll find links to her podcast and book on the site.

How to Start Your Own Blog

Select Your Topic

The first crucial step in starting a blog is to choose the right topic or niche. This can be challenging, but it’s essential to find something that you’re passionate about and can consistently produce authentic content. For instance, focusing on a specific niche like mom blogs or fitness blogs for women can help your blog stand out even more.

Decide on a Domain Name

After selecting your niche, it’s time to come up with a catchy and memorable blog name that resonates with your niche. Your blog’s name can make a significant impact on your potential audience, so spend some time crafting the perfect one. Once you have a name, go to a web host like Bluehost to register your domain name and get a discount on hosting.

Install WordPress

Although there are other blogging platforms available, WordPress is the recommended choice. If you’re not ready to commit to a hosting plan and don’t want to register a domain yet, you can explore some online options with less flexibility but everything included. For now, go ahead and download and install WordPress.

Publish Your First Blog Post

Finally, it’s time to launch your blog by creating your first post. There are various approaches to your initial post, but the key is to maintain consistent and engaging content once you start. Consider aspects like the ideal length of your blog post and how often you should update your blog. These factors are essential for driving traffic to your website and eventually monetizing your blog.

If you find it difficult to keep up with creating new content, consider hiring writers to craft articles for your blog. Numerous blog writing services can not only generate content for you but also ensure it’s optimized for on-page SEO.

Follow these steps, and you’ll be on your way to creating a successful blog. Remember, consistency and dedication are crucial in the blogging world. Good luck, and enjoy the journey!

Show Me the Money

Affiliate Marketing

One popular and easy way for you to earn money from your blog is through affiliate marketing. As a beginner-friendly method, it doesn’t require any upfront investment. However, it’s crucial for you to pick the right products to promote. Make sure the products align with your passion and niche, ensuring they’re also well-reviewed to maintain your credibility with your audience. Researching the brand and product thoroughly will help you find a good fit for your blog and interests.

Best Affiliate Programs


Another common method to monetize your blog is by displaying ads on your site. Google Adsense and are excellent choices for pay-per-click advertising, meaning you earn a small commission every time someone clicks on an ad on your site. This approach generates passive income, allowing you to focus on creating content that attracts more traffic to your website.

Additionally, you can consider sponsored posts as a less passive option compared to advertising. This strategy involves partnering with a brand to promote their products or services on your blog. As your blog gains popularity, brands may approach you with offers. However, when starting, you’ll need to actively search for opportunities to work with brands.

How to Work With Brands as a Blogger

Finding Your Path

It’s undeniable that the blogging world has evolved significantly. No longer are people simply sharing their everyday thoughts on platforms like MySpace or Bebo. Today, blogs serve a much more vital purpose, especially for women.

These online spaces offer the chance for you to connect with others, find solace, and exchange advice, providing a strong sense of community and support. As you seek inspiration and personal growth, these blogs can help ignite your passion and fuel your motivation.

Imagine being a new parent, unsure of things like soothing a crying baby at night. Blogs created by experienced mothers can share their wisdom, making you feel less alone and more confident in your parenting journey.

In essence, women’s blogs are a modern-day means of passing down stories and insights from one generation to another, fostering empowerment and inspiring women from all walks of life. Embrace this ever-evolving landscape as you continue on your path to growth and self-discovery.

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