eBay Price Tracker: Your Ultimate Guide to Smart Shopping

In the competitive world of online reselling, using an eBay price tracker can greatly benefit your business. These trackers are designed to help eBay sellers access vital information for properly pricing their items and ensuring a successful venture. In this article, we will explore the top five eBay price tracker services tailored for resellers, discuss the ways you can benefit from using these tools, and offer final thoughts on selecting the best eBay price tracker for your specific needs.

Whether you are engaged in dropshipping, dealing in rare items, or simply seeking an edge in pricing your inventory, using an eBay price tracker can make all the difference. The tools identified here will make it easier to navigate the complex landscape, keep your profit margins healthy, and help your reselling business thrive.

Key Takeaways

  • Utilize eBay price trackers to optimize listing prices and enhance your reselling business
  • Resellers can gain valuable insights, find great deals, and protect profit margins with these tools
  • Choose the most suitable eBay price tracker to cater to your specific business needs

The Best eBay Price Tracker Services for Your Reseller Business


Terapeak is an exceptional tool owned by eBay that offers pricing and sales data going back one year. Sellers can filter listings by condition and country to refine their search. To access Terapeak, visit the “Research” page in your eBay Seller Hub.

eBay Price Tracker


WatchCount is a powerful price-tracking tool, providing data on current and sold listings, sales prices, items with many watchers or bids, and even misspelled titles. Best of all, it’s free to use, giving sellers an edge in identifying popular or less popular items.

Average Finder

Average Finder assists eBay sellers by displaying their item’s average price based on current listings. The tool also shows average shipping costs, which helps sellers determine optimal shipping prices to cater to buyers’ expectations.

Mark Sight

Ideal for auction-based sellers, Mark Sight offers reliable results, guidance on starting and ending auction times, sell-through rates, average bid numbers, and more. While the free version is useful, the paid version unlocks more in-depth features for resellers seeking extra resources.


CheckAFlip is a convenient eBay price tracker that compares eBay and Amazon listings in real-time. It displays the average sold price for both new and used items, and the number of current listings. Its simplicity makes it perfect for resellers who need a straightforward price tracking tool.

How Resellers Benefit from eBay Price Trackers

Understanding How to Price Items

As a reseller, pricing unique and niche items can be challenging. An eBay price tracker can assist you in determining the appropriate price for your items by providing current price data and pricing history, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the market.

Discovering Exceptional Deals

eBay price trackers enable you to find amazing deals that can further improve your reselling business. You can customize notifications to meet specific price criteria, which will alert you when an item is available at your desired price.

For instance, you can set up notifications for particular items with 15 minutes left in their auction and under a specified price. This allows you to be informed about low-priced items with potentially low competition.

Additionally, setting up notifications for new listings means you’ll be among the first to know when your desired item is available at a great price. This can be a significant advantage when sellers list items below market value or need to sell quickly.

Safeguard Your Profit Margins

For drop shippers, eBay price trackers offer the ability to update pricing in real-time. This can be particularly beneficial in maintaining your profit margins. If the price of an item you dropship from Amazon increases and you haven’t updated your eBay listing accordingly, you could lose money.

Conversely, price trackers also alert you to price drops, allowing you to offer sales to your buyers and remain competitive in search results. Overall, using a price tracker can make a significant difference in your eBay dropshipping success.

Final Thoughts on Finding the Best eBay Price Tracker

Utilizing an eBay price tracker can significantly enhance your reselling experience by ensuring your profit margins, providing you with real-time alerts on amazing deals for potential flips, and assisting you in determining the most suitable prices for your items.

If you haven’t tried using any of these tools yet, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore and discover the benefits they bring to your eBay selling journey. Embrace these valuable resources, and you’ll witness your sales performance thriving over time. Keep in mind, having an effective price tracker at your side is crucial to staying ahead and maximizing your profits. So, continue updating your knowledge on eBay price trackers and stay informed about the latest tools and strategies available for your reselling business.

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