Is Flight Club Legit? A Quick Guide to Authentic Sneakers

Sneaker enthusiasts often face a challenging task when it comes to finding a reliable source for rare and authentic sneakers. Flight Club, established in 2005 by Damany Weir, aims to fill this gap by providing a marketplace for genuine sneakers, street clothing, and accessories. This article delves into whether Flight Club is a legitimate platform for buying and selling sneakers, as well as the process and factors that contribute to its credibility.

As a passionate collector, you may have come across Flight Club and wondered about its trustworthiness. In this article, we will investigate the legitimacy of Flight Club, explore how it operates from both a buyer’s and seller’s perspective, and evaluate its customer service. Furthermore, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using Flight Club and consider some alternatives in the sneaker marketplace.

Key Takeaways

  • Flight Club is a reputable marketplace for genuine sneakers and streetwear
  • The platform operates effectively for both buyers and sellers
  • Customer service and alternative options are essential factors to consider when using Flight Club.

Is Flight Club a Trustworthy Spot for Sneaker Enthusiasts?

Confirming the Authenticity of Flight Club’s Products

Flight Club is well-known for its legitimacy and commitment to providing authentic, high-quality sneakers. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, the company has garnered a strong reputation, and its online platform, as well as physical stores, are frequented by many enthusiasts seeking rare, vintage, and limited edition sneakers.

Is Flight Club Legit?

What sets Flight Club apart is its thorough authentication process. The company operates as a ship-to-verify and consignment premium site, meaning they work with independent sellers to offer a wide range of products. Upon receiving a product, Flight Club’s skilled specialists in their New York, Los Angeles, and Miami locations authenticate and verify every pair of shoes.

As a customer, you can rest assured that the sneakers you purchase from Flight Club are 100% genuine, thanks to their dedicated team’s efforts in maintaining the company’s high standards. This guarantee of authenticity and safety is why many sneaker enthusiasts are willing to pay more to shop at Flight Club.

How Does Flight Club Work?

From a Seller’s Perspective

As a seller, you’ll start by opening an account on the Flight Club website and listing the sneakers you wish to sell. The trained staff at Flight Club collaborate with you to determine the sale prices based on factors like authenticity, shoe condition, rarity, and size availability. It’s common for rare and out-of-stock items to be priced higher.

Once your shoes sell, you can choose your preferred mode of payment, either via PayPal or through a bank transfer. Flight Club charges a commission fee of 9.5% along with a $5 seller fee. Keep in mind that there’s also a 2.9% cash-out fee when you decide to get paid.

From a Buyer’s Perspective

As a buyer, creating an account on Flight Club is straightforward. You can sign up for Flight Club News to receive exclusive deals and latest updates. The platform’s “How to Buy” feature helps you find sneakers for sale, while the “New Releases” tab showcases the latest and most sought-after sneakers.

Flight Club also offers designer streetwear and accessories to complement your sneakers, although the primary focus remains on sneakers. A notable feature is the “Price Drop” section, where you can find limited-time discounted prices for high-demand sneakers.

Before making a purchase, ensure that you know your shoe size and are familiar with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Flight Club’s Purchaser Protection guarantees that the sneakers you buy are authentic and in good condition since experts thoroughly check and verify each pair.

Processing a Flight Club order may take between 1 to 4 business days. After your order is processed, it will be shipped, arriving within 5 to 9 business days. If you choose the “Fastest To You” shipping option at checkout, expect to receive your order within five business days at a $25.00 charge.

Keep in mind that Flight Club ships from a location within the country/region referenced in your seller account. Buyers are responsible for paying all duties and taxes, as non-US deliveries are mostly shipped DDU (Delivered Duties Unpaid).

The return and refund policy at Flight Club allows new items to be returned and refunded as long as they have their hang tag and haven’t been worn. However, pre-owned sneakers sold on consignment cannot be returned or refunded.

Flight Club accepts various payment methods, including American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, China UnionPay, JCB, Diners Club, and PayPal. In the US, flexible payments are available through Klarna, Affirm, and Afterpay, providing buyers with several alternatives to complete their purchase.

Keep in mind that you can cancel sneaker orders within three hours or before the seller confirms your order, whichever comes first. After three hours, if your order is confirmed, cancellations are no longer possible.

Customer Service

You can reach out to Flight Club for assistance via phone, online, or social media channels. Be prepared to wait for a response after submitting your request. Some common concerns mentioned by customers include issues with sneaker sizes, defective Air Jordans, and customer service quality. While feedback on Flight Club’s support varies, it’s essential to keep in mind that experiences may differ. Keep a friendly, open attitude when communicating with their staff to resolve any shipping, refund, or return policy concerns you might encounter.

Flight Club: Pros and Cons


  • You can trust Flight Club as they have been in business for over 15 years, becoming one of the most reliable sneaker and clothing retailers in the market.
  • You’ll find a wide variety of sneakers from more than 500 brands, including popular ones like Air Jordans and Nikes, catering to diverse styles and preferences.
  • Flight Club often has attractive discounts and special deals on specific sneakers, which can help you find something suitable for your taste and budget.
  • Rest assured, the merchandise offered by Flight Club comes with a guarantee of safety and authenticity.


  • However, Flight Club’s customer service could use some improvement to ensure a better shopping experience.
  • Unfortunately, there is no return policy available for consignment items, which can be a disadvantage for some buyers.
  • Also, be prepared to pay a higher price for the items, as their selling prices can be above average compared to other retailers.

Alternatives to Flight Club


StockX is a platform founded in 2015 by Dan Gilbert, Josh Luber, Greg Schwartz, and Chris Kaufman in Detroit. It started as a secondary market for enthusiasts to buy and sell authentic sneakers. Over time, it expanded its offerings to luxury handbags, watches, and electronics. With about 1,000 employees across 197 countries, StockX provides a secure environment for trading rare sneakers and other valuables.

This company has played a significant role in advancing sneaker retail by implementing pre-shipping authentication. This approach has influenced other platforms and improved the overall industry.


GOAT is another trustworthy sneaker marketplace for aficionados. The idea behind GOAT started when co-founder Daishin Sugano bought a counterfeit pair of Air Jordan 5 Grapes. He was disappointed with his inability to get a refund due to eBay’s return policy and realized the prevalence of fake sneakers in the market.

To combat this issue, Sugano created a reliable sneaker retail space, known as GOAT. If you’re seeking an authentic and trustworthy source for sneakers, GOAT might be the right option for you. Their policy mandates a thorough authenticity check for all sneakers sold on their platform, ensuring that no counterfeit shoes make it through.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Possible to Retrieve My Sneakers Before They Sell?

Absolutely! To withdraw your sneakers before they sell, select “Remove Listing” for the item in question. Keep in mind that there is a retrieval fee to cover shipping expenses.

For those in the United States, the retrieval fee is $33, which includes an inbound shipping label from Flight Club and the cost of shipping the item back to you. For individuals outside the US, retrieval fees may vary. The fee is initially deducted from your seller account balance, and if your account lacks sufficient funds, you can pay via American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, China UnionPay, JCB, Diners Club, or Paypal.

Are There Brick-and-Mortar Flight Club Stores?

Yes, there are Flight Club retail locations in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, with the New York City store being their flagship location. These stores have become popular destinations for sneaker aficionados.

When you visit the stores, you can experience the excitement of being among fellow sneaker enthusiasts and inspect your sneakers in-person before purchasing. Shopping at a Flight Club store is a must for any sneakerhead.

Conclusion: Is Flight Club the Real Deal?

Flight Club can be considered a legitimate platform to expand your sneaker collection. They cater to sneaker enthusiasts by offering a superb range of rare and up-to-date sneakers from various manufacturers. As a reputable company, they have earned more positive reviews than negative ones, solidifying their status as a trusted source for authentic streetwear.

However, it’s important to note that some customers have reported issues with their customer service. Despite this, the majority of sneakerheads still find Flight Club to be an excellent destination for buying and selling genuine products.

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Remember, it’s important to research and compare different platforms to find the one that best suits your needs and preferences. Happy sneaker hunting!

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