Is G2A Legit? Uncovering the Truth

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, chances are you’ve heard about G2A and the chance to grab amazing discounts on games. However, the lingering question on everyone’s mind is whether G2A is a legitimate platform to get those sweet deals or just another scam waiting to happen. In recent times, G2A has faced its share of controversies, with numerous complaints from customers and a decline in their reputation.

Nevertheless, G2A has strived to improve its services and remains a popular platform for many to find discounted games and even make some money on the side. But keep in mind that when you venture into online marketplaces, particularly the gray market, you should stay cautious and be prepared to deal with potential risks.

Key Takeaways

  • G2A is an online marketplace known for discounted games but has faced controversies due to its platform’s risks and reliability issues.
  • Buyers should exercise caution when using G2A, as the involvement of third-party resellers can lead to scams or problematic transactions.
  • While many people use G2A to find cheap games and make money, it’s essential to understand the potential challenges and pitfalls associated with the platform.

What is G2A?

G2A is an online marketplace that specializes in offering discounted video games. As a third-party reselling platform, it provides the opportunity for users to sell their used video games, giving buyers access to a wide selection of games for various platforms like Steam, Origin, and Epic.

Is G2A Legit?

The G2A marketplace is a popular destination for gamers looking for affordable game codes, thanks to its user-driven model. Game codes, also known as game keys, are authentication numbers that grant access to a game’s digital copy. Once you purchase a game code from G2A, you simply input the code into your desired platform and start playing.

The extensive collection of video games on G2A can be credited to the involvement of third-party sellers, who contribute a massive range of titles often at discounted rates. This setup allows gamers to play, sell, and buy games at lower prices, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the integration of third-party sellers can be a double-edged sword. Some resellers may take advantage of the system, causing potential issues for buyers. Despite this, G2A remains a go-to destination for many gamers, seeking affordable options to enjoy their favorite digital games on various platforms.

How Did G2A Get Started?

G2A began its journey in the Netherlands in 2010, initially offering game codes and game keys through a standard online marketplace. However, in 2013, G2A expanded its horizons by launching a third-party reselling platform, which quickly gained fame.

Around the same time, G2A introduced a service called G2A Deals, featuring a bundle of games similar to the humble bundle concept. While the service remains active, most customers prefer purchasing individual game keys.

It’s worth noting that although G2A started in 2010, the domain wasn’t available until 2013, hinting that the company acquired the domain after commencing its operations. Interestingly, 2013 was a busy year for digital marketplaces, with other major players like CDKeys and Kinguin joining in, so G2A needed an edge to stand out.

To rise above its competitors, G2A decided to capitalize on influencer marketing. Prominent Twitch streamers and gaming industry personalities began recommending G2A, which helped associate the G2A brand with game code purchases.

The co-founders, Bartosz Skwarczek and Dawid Rożek, have remained constant throughout G2A’s history. Though they maintain a public presence and are available for media inquiries, the company still faces challenges in upholding its integrity and image, as evidenced by their Trustpilot profile.

Despite these challenges, G2A’s web traffic has managed to remain stable over the years, demonstrating the platform’s resilience and continued relevance in the gaming industry.

Is G2A Legit and 100% Legal?

G2A operates in a gray area, making it difficult to label as entirely legitimate or completely legal. Their customer protection measures aren’t always reliable, which can result in buyers getting scammed. Even indie game developers have taken action against G2A due to the negative impact on their businesses.

The issue arises when resellers use stolen credit cards to purchase game codes and sell them to unsuspecting customers. When the original cardholder files a chargeback, developers suffer financially. While reselling game keys isn’t illegal, when codes are distributed in ways that publishers didn’t intend, their legitimacy comes into question.

So if you decide to buy game keys from G2A, bear in mind their mixed reputation and the risks associated with the gray marketplace. Exercise caution and be mindful of potential pitfalls.

How Does G2A Offer Discounts?

G2A serves as a platform where third-party resellers provide cheap game codes to customers. You, as a buyer, rely on the reseller’s integrity to obtain these discounted game keys. When you make a purchase, the reseller gets a percentage, and G2A takes the rest. Let’s explore the ways resellers can obtain these game keys at a low cost.

Acquiring Game Keys During Sales

This is a legitimate way to acquire game keys. Sellers can purchase game codes when special sales occur. During these times, they buy games in bulk, allowing them to sell the keys later at a profit when prices increase.

Utilizing Regional Discounts

Adjusting game prices according to region is a common market strategy. For example, a game costing $59.99 in the US might only cost $40 in a South-Asian country. Many resellers take advantage of regional pricing to purchase games in large quantities.

Exploiting Contests with Bots/AI

Some resellers use a less ethical approach by entering giveaways hosted by game developers or streamers. They employ “bot mining,” which involves using artificial intelligence to win game keys in these promotions. These keys, intended for promotional purposes, are then sold by the resellers.

Engaging in Credit Card Fraud

Grey marketplaces can attract credit card thieves. They can purchase game keys using stolen credit card information and sell them, leaving the buyer unprotected. G2A’s limited customer protection requires buyers to file a police report to access the money-back guarantee.

As a G2A user, you should be aware of these practices, especially since the last two options are illegal. Always be cautious when purchasing game keys on the platform.

Can You Get Scammed on G2A?

Although G2A is not completely illegitimate, there are risks involved for both buyers and sellers. In this section, we’ll explore how you can get scammed on G2A as a buyer or a seller.

How Might You Encounter Scams on G2A as a Buyer?

  1. Illegally obtained keys: Some keys might have been purchased using fake credit cards, making your game code illegal.
  2. Region-locked keys: You might receive a region-locked game key that doesn’t work in your location.
  3. Misleading game titles: You could get a code for a game that’s entirely different than you expected.
  4. Invalid or fake keys: There’s a risk of getting fake keys, which could lead to your Steam account being banned.
  5. Complicated money-back guarantee: To take advantage of G2A’s money-back guarantee, you may need to file a police report, which is often a hassle as most resellers use fake IDs.

How Might You Encounter Scams on G2A as a Seller?

Sellers can also face scams on G2A:

  1. Withheld funds and blocked transactions: G2A may withhold your money and block transactions if they suspect something fishy, sometimes without a valid reason.
  2. Account bans without notice: G2A can ban your account without prior notification, causing you to lose the reputation you built.
  3. Fake reviews: Bots or competitors might post fake reviews, harming your good reputation.

Tip: To avoid scammers, always check the seller’s reputation before making a purchase. Don’t be enticed by extremely low prices. As a seller, focus on maintaining positive reviews and building trust with your customers.

G2A Frequently Asked Questions

Is G2A a Viable Way to Earn Extra Income?

Yes, G2A can be a solid source of additional income if you work on building your reputation. While concerns about G2A’s legitimacy might arise, patience and good judgment can lead to success.

How Can You Earn Money on G2A?

There are several methods to earn money on G2A, with the most popular ones being:

Selling Game Keys with G2A Plus

Set up a store on G2A and sell game activation keys. Be aware of the listing fee (0.15 EUR) and the additional fees for selling games (0.35 EUR + 10.4%). Make sure to understand the costs involved when selling on G2A.

Becoming a G2A Affiliate

Sign up for the G2A GoldMine program to earn passive income as a G2A affiliate. By referring others via your link, you’ll earn commissions on their qualified purchases. Even if your referral becomes a seller later, you’ll still benefit from their sales.

G2A Seller Supreme Program

As a verified business seller enrolled in the Seller Supreme program, you can establish yourself as an authority in the G2A marketplace. You’ll enjoy lower commissions and dedicated account support to help grow your business.

Tips for Earning Money on G2A

  • Start small as a new seller by waiting for holiday sales to purchase activation keys, then list them on G2A.
  • Pay attention to trends, popular games, and industry news to stay informed about the market.
  • Compare your price points with competitors and calculate potential profit before listing products.
  • Improve your reputation by providing genuine keys, being responsive, and maintaining a money-back guarantee.
  • Leverage your existing social media following and referral program.
  • Negotiate custom partnership terms with G2A if you have a strong fan base.

Keep in mind that your reputation can be at risk if someone gets scammed through your referral, so only support legitimate offers and sellers. Overall, providing excellent customer service and adapting to market trends will help you succeed in making money on G2A.

G2A Alternatives


CDKeys is a well-known and reliable marketplace for various video games, without third-party involvement. As a result, you can confidently purchase the games you desire without any concerns.

Trustpilot Review: 4.7/5


Although relatively new compared to brands like CDKeys, G2A, and Kinguin, Eneba has gained popularity since its inception in 2018. The combination of affordable prices and strict quality control has contributed to their success. If Eneba continues to maintain these standards, it will likely become a top destination for gamers seeking a legitimate site to buy game keys.

Trustpilot Review: 4.5/5

Gamer’s Gate

Gamer’s Gate is another strong option for purchasing game keys from a secure and trustworthy source. They meticulously follow the rules, ensuring that any misconduct is promptly addressed. When considering a safe and legitimate option for buying game keys, don’t overlook Gamer’s Gate.

Trustpilot Review: 4/5

Don’t forget that other platforms like Origin and Humble Bundle also offer great alternatives for game key purchases. Explore these choices and enjoy a smooth gaming experience without worrying about legitimacy.

Verdict: Is G2A Legit?

It’s tough to give a straightforward answer, but G2A isn’t entirely legitimate and safe. The marketplace has gained a reputation as a risky place for game key reselling, with numerous accusations of fraud. So, when you use G2A, you’re entering a somewhat treacherous territory.

Nonetheless, if you remain cautious and do thorough research on the seller’s reputation, you might find some attractive discounts on G2A. But keep in mind that the risk-to-reward ratio might not be in your favor.

On the other hand, G2A can provide income opportunities through referral signups and selling game keys, especially if you’re able to establish your credibility as a seller. In 2019, top G2A sellers made over €100,000. So, despite the questionable legitimacy, there are opportunities to be found on the platform if you’re careful and diligent.

Hopefully, this information helps you make an informed decision about using G2A. Good luck!

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