Is StubHub Legit? A Quick Insight into Ticket Safety

Navigating the world of online ticket buying can be tricky, especially when you’re searching for a trustworthy site to purchase tickets for a much-awaited event. Fortunately, you came across StubHub, a popular platform connecting ticket buyers and sellers. However, before investing your hard-earned money on tickets, it’s essential to ask: Is StubHub truly legit?

In this article, we’ll explore StubHub’s origins, as well as evaluate its safety measures and customer service. We’ll also weigh the pros and cons of using the platform, ultimately helping you make an informed decision about whether this popular ticket marketplace is right for you.

Key Takeaways

  • StubHub is a major online platform for ticket buying and selling
  • The safety and reliability of StubHub is thoroughly examined
  • Pros, cons, and legitimacy of StubHub are discussed to provide informed insights.

What is StubHub?

StubHub is a well-known ticket marketplace where fans can easily buy and sell tickets for a variety of events. Whether you’re looking to attend a concert, catch a Major League Baseball game, or even score seats for a sold-out event, StubHub has you covered.

Is StubHub Legit?

By merging with Viagogo, StubHub now extends its services across 90 countries, making it simpler than ever to find available tickets for events worldwide. One of the key attractions of StubHub is the option for ticketholders to sell their tickets if they cannot attend an event. Considering that most tickets are non-refundable, this feature allows you to regain some of your initial investment by reselling the tickets.

Aside from individual sellers, venues, sports teams, and performers also utilize StubHub to sell tickets directly to their audience. You can even find Super Bowl tickets on the platform.

In essence, StubHub is a reliable and user-friendly solution for all your ticket-buying needs.

Is StubHub Legit?

Fear not! StubHub proves to be a reliable platform for concertgoers and sports enthusiasts seeking to buy or sell tickets. Not only limited to music events and sports, StubHub also offers tickets for theater shows, artist performances, and comedy gigs. Trusted by various prominent organizations, such as:

  • Major League Baseball
  • New York City Football Club
  • 76ers
  • Hangout Fest
  • Roundabout Theatre Company

Having been in the business for over 20 years, StubHub ensures timely delivery of authentic tickets, eliminating concerns of dealing with untrustworthy sources. With millions of tickets sold worldwide, their established reputation speaks volumes.

The Better Business Bureau rates StubHub an A-, an impressive score considering the company’s size. Rest assured, you’re not dealing with a small-scale operation. StubHub employs a talented team of over 12,000 individuals dedicated to streamlining ticket sales and purchases efficiently.

In short, you can confidently trust StubHub as a safe, legitimate option for your ticket buying and selling needs.

StubHub Safety

When using StubHub, you can trust in their unique program called FanProtect, which ensures a secure and satisfactory experience for both buyers and sellers. As a buyer, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Tickets will arrive on time for the event
  • Guaranteed entry into the event with no fake tickets
  • If any issue arises, StubHub provides comparable or better replacement tickets, or your money back
  • In the case of a canceled event that isn’t rescheduled, you’ll receive a full refund or 120% credit of the original ticket price

Sellers also enjoy benefits under the FanProtect Guarantee, such as on-time payments according to StubHub’s terms and conditions.

Overall, FanProtect offers support to both buyers and sellers, making transactions on StubHub a more enjoyable and worry-free experience. So, go ahead and confidently make your first purchase or sale on StubHub, knowing that your tickets and transactions are safe and protected.

StubHub Customer Service

A Friendly Reminder from the Better Business Bureau

While StubHub is a legitimate platform, some users have expressed dissatisfaction with their customer service. It’s important to know that they guarantee valid and quality tickets for the event you choose. However, when issues arise, it can be challenging to find a helpful representative.

Before contacting customer service, make sure you understand the rules of their return policy. This can help streamline the resolution process.

The Better Business Bureau conducted a review of StubHub in June 2020, around the beginning of the pandemic. Many events ended up being canceled due to health and safety concerns, leading to customers facing difficulties in obtaining refunds.

In response to the accusations, StubHub stated that their default procedure is to offer a 120% credit for their ticket marketplace, allowing users to purchase tickets for another event. They acknowledged that refunds might take more time than usual to process given the exceptional circumstances faced by the music and sports industries.

As a user of StubHub, your patience with their platform is crucial, especially during challenging times like the pandemic.

StubHub: A Balanced Look at Pros and Cons


Premium Ticket Access

StubHub is known for offering premium tickets to sports, theater, and other artistic events. Whether it’s the Major League Baseball or the National Football League, fans can sell tickets directly on the platform. If a desired event is sold out, checking StubHub for available premium tickets is a great idea.

Quick Mobile Delivery

Sellers on StubHub can provide various ticket types, including physical and e-tickets. Buyers appreciate receiving their tickets promptly, giving them peace of mind that everything is in order. This quick mobile delivery is a significant advantage for StubHub. When purchasing, it’s essential to know the ticket type and favor those with mobile delivery options.


High Service Fees

If you’re considering using StubHub to resell concert tickets as a side income, it’s crucial to consider the high service fees. Alternative options, such as Facebook Marketplace or reaching out to friends and family, may have lower fees. StubHub charges a 10% fee on the ticket purchase price for buyers, while sellers face a 15% fee. It’s essential to calculate the cumulative fees incurred for attending multiple events or selling many tickets.

Mailed Tickets Unreliability

Should you require physical copies of tickets, it’s worth reconsidering using StubHub. Some users have encountered difficulties receiving their tickets by mail. Moreover, there’s a concern that the tickets may not arrive on time for upcoming events. Though StubHub’s FanProtect Guarantee promises a 100% guarantee for tickets to arrive before the event, following up on this can be challenging.

Fluctuating Prices

Ticket sellers have a certain level of control over the pricing of their tickets for resale. If an event sells out, they might try to sell their premium tickets at a higher price than initially paid – a practice called scalping. It’s essential for buyers to compare prices and be aware of potential price hikes before purchasing.

Is StubHub Legit? Our Answer

If you’re curious about whether StubHub is a legitimate platform, rest assured that it is. StubHub can be an excellent way to obtain tickets for popular events, even those that have sold out. Nonetheless, we’ve compiled a list of steps to minimize potential issues while using StubHub:

  • Dedicate time to search for tickets and find the best prices available
  • Opt for tickets that provide mobile delivery to ensure quick and secure access
  • Maintain detailed records of your purchase should an event be canceled and not rescheduled
  • Familiarize yourself with the FanProtect Guarantee to have peace of mind

For those interested in exploring more ticket-selling platforms, consider checking out Vivid Seats and SeatGeek as reliable alternatives to StubHub.

Don’t hesitate to visit StubHub and check out the fantastic events happening near you. Enjoy a user-friendly experience and make the most of your ticket purchasing endeavors!

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