Lululemon Affiliate Program: A Comprehensive Guide

As a fitness blogger or website owner, you’re likely familiar with Lululemon, a leading brand in high-end athletic wear and accessories. With a strong following among yoga practitioners, runners, cyclists, and fitness enthusiasts, becoming a Lululemon affiliate offers an opportunity to potentially earn from your audience’s love for their products. In this article, we will explore the Lululemon affiliate program, its various aspects, and how to sign up for the opportunity to earn commissions through promoting their products.

Offered through Commission Factory, the Lululemon affiliate program provides a lucrative way to monetize your fitness-focused online presence. With a solid commission rate, long cookie duration, and well-known brand recognition, the program has its many advantages; however, it is essential to understand the full picture before signing up. Read on to learn more about the Lululemon affiliate program and whether it’s the right fit for your blog or website.

Key Takeaways

  • Lululemon is a popular high-end athletic wear brand, offering a potentially lucrative affiliate program.
  • We will explore the program’s commission rates, cookie duration, and other aspects to help you decide its suitability.
  • Learn how to become a Lululemon affiliate and capitalize on promoting their products to your fitness-focused audience.

What is Lululemon?

Lululemon is a well-known brand that specializes in creating technical athletic apparel for yoga, running, and other fitness activities. Catering to both women and men, they offer a vast range of products including yoga pants, water bottles, shoes, and yoga mats.

Lululemon Affiliate Program

In addition to clothing, Lululemon provides a variety of accessories and sporting goods that help enhance your workouts, such as:

  • Backpacks
  • Towels
  • Running vests

The company was founded in 1998 by Shannon and Chip Wilson in Vancouver, Canada, starting as a combined design and yoga studio. Over time, it evolved into a retail store dedicated to delivering high-quality products for athletic pursuits.

As of now, Lululemon boasts 29,000 employees, 491 stores spread across 12 countries, and is led by CEO Calvin McDonald. With its focus on quality, functionality, and style, Lululemon continues to be a favorite brand among yoga enthusiasts and fitness lovers globally.

Lululemon Affiliate Program Review

What’s the Commission Rate for the Lululemon Affiliate Program?

The commission rate for the Lululemon affiliate program is quite attractive – you will earn 7% per sale made through your affiliate link. While this may not be as high as some other affiliate programs, it still offers a reasonable return for your promotional efforts.

What’s the Duration of the Cookie?

In the Lululemon affiliate program, the cookie duration is 30 days. This means that once someone clicks on your affiliate link, you’ll still receive credit for any sales made within the next 30 days. Keep in mind that there is also a 45-day validation period associated with this program.


  • Strong Brand Reputation: Lululemon is a well-known name in athletic wear, which means your readers are more likely to trust any affiliate links you promote. This strong brand reputation works to your advantage as an affiliate.
  • Access to Marketing Materials: As an affiliate, you’ll have access to various promotional materials such as banner ads and creative assets, making it easier for you to promote Lululemon products to your audience.
  • High Average Order Value: With many customers spending at least $100 on Lululemon products, the potential for a higher average order value is quite promising. This directly impacts your commissions, earning you more revenue as an affiliate.
  • Excellent Customer Service: If you face any issues or have questions regarding the affiliate program, Lululemon’s dedicated customer service team is readily available to assist you.


  • Expensive Products: One possible drawback of promoting Lululemon products is their relatively high price compared to other athletic wear brands. This may limit the affordability of their products for some of your audience, potentially affecting conversion rates.

How to Become a Lululemon Affiliate

To become a Lululemon affiliate, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up: Visit Lululemon’s website or the Commission Factory page to access the application form. Commission Factory is also associated with other well-known brands such as Skechers and Under Armour.
  2. Complete the application: Provide information about your marketing platforms, audience size, reasons for joining the affiliate program, and promotional strategies.
  3. Submit and wait: After submitting your application, wait for approval to become a Lululemon partner.

Once you’re part of the Lululemon Collective, you’ll receive a unique affiliate link to promote their products on your social media channels, blog, or website. As an affiliate, you can also benefit from their marketing materials, exclusive promotions, and product images to enhance your promotional efforts.

For personalized marketing collaborations, feel free to reach out to Lululemon via email. By joining the affiliate program, not only do you get to promote high-quality athletic apparel, but you also have the opportunity to earn commissions on sales generated from your unique links.

Is Lululemon’s Affiliate Program Right for Your Blog?

Determining if the Lululemon affiliate program is a suitable match for your blog or niche website depends on the focus of your content and the preferences of your audience. Lululemon primarily caters to elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts with a higher budget for luxury items.

If your platform aligns well with Lululemon’s target audience, consider the advantages of this affiliate program:

  • Competitive commission rates
  • Extended cookie durations
  • Strong brand recognition
  • Access to complimentary marketing materials
  • High average order values

Your blog or website can succeed with the Lululemon affiliate program if your audience values high-quality athletic wear and is willing to invest in it. Integrating the program into your content can potentially enhance your earnings from affiliate marketing.

In addition to blog posts, there are opportunities to promote Lululemon through social media platforms such as Instagram and in communities where fitness enthusiasts and creators connect. Your editorial publications, media coverage, and network of passionate bloggers can all contribute to the success of your partnership with Lululemon.

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