Sites Like Textbroker: Top Alternatives for Content Writers

As a freelance writer, you might find that Textbroker isn’t always the best option for securing paid writing work. Fortunately, there are numerous alternatives to explore! In this article, we will introduce you to a variety of sites similar to Textbroker that cater to freelancers at different stages of their writing careers. These platforms range from job boards to content agencies, offering diverse opportunities to showcase your writing skills and earn a living.

Let us help you navigate the freelance writing landscape by presenting 21 sites like Textbroker, highlighting their potential earnings and application processes. Are you ready to discover new opportunities and expand your writing horizons? Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • This article introduces 21 alternative sites to Textbroker for freelance writers
  • These platforms cater to different stages of your freelance writing journey
  • Exploring these alternatives can help expand your opportunities and increase your writing endeavors

Sites Like Textbroker for Writers


iWriter is a platform that allows anyone to start freelance writing and caters to both native and non-native English speakers. Here, earnings increase as your star rating improves, making it a good place for beginners to gain experience.

Sites Like Textbroker

Writer Access

Writer Access is a well-established site where writers are hand-vetted before joining the pool. The platform allows writers to set their own prices for work.


UpWork is a popular platform for freelancers, allowing writers to create profiles showcasing their skills. Although it can be challenging for new profiles to find work, the site is a great place to find long-term projects.


The ProBlogger job board offers various freelance writing and editing jobs, with opportunities for both beginners and experienced writers. Jobs range from article writing to social media content. is a vast platform where writing jobs are available alongside design and development projects. While it can be competitive to bid on jobs, the site provides an opportunity to form long-term relationships with clients.


Fiverr allows users to create profiles and offer freelance writing services, with three different pricing tiers per gig. However, the competition can be fierce in the platform.


Verblio offers experienced writers who have knowledge in content marketing and SEO a more focused platform. Writers can choose which jobs to take or write pre-written content for clients.


WordAgents looks for SEO writers capable of tackling various topics across different categories. Writers need to be diligent in research and expect strict deadlines.

Writers Domain

Writers Domain focuses on creating short, 600-800 word content pieces. Open to writers from various English-speaking countries, it’s great for those seeking shorter assignments.

People Per Hour

People Per Hour offers a wide range of writing opportunities, from blog posts to technical writing. It is well-established and allows writers to set their hourly rate.


Scripted is a platform seeking writers who produce high-quality content. It provides flexibility, allowing writers to control their workload, pricing, and even propose jobs to customers.

Other Writing Platforms

In addition to the platforms mentioned above, these sites also provide opportunities for writers to find freelance work:

Remember to research each platform and select the best fit for your skills and preferences as a writer.

Freelance Writing On Textbroker

Textbroker offers a great opportunity for you to dive into the world of freelance writing. As a US-based writer, you can start with entry-level assignments and gradually advance as you gain more experience. You’ll find signing up to be accessible and free, allowing a flexible work schedule according to your availability.

While working with Textbroker, you can establish long-lasting relationships with clients, expand your portfolio, and access educational resources to hone your skills in writing articles, blogging, website content, and newsletters. Thanks to the platform’s wide client base, work opportunities abound. Moreover, the helpful support resources and weekly payouts add to the pleasant experience.

Despite its many benefits, Textbroker might not be the perfect fit for everyone, so assess your preferences and skills before diving in.

Why You Might Want a Textbroker Alternative

If you’re exploring Textbroker alternatives, you might have valid reasons to do so. Perhaps you’re seeking higher earnings as a writer or want access to a platform that supports non-US-based authors.

Textbroker’s starting rates can be as low as 1.5 cents per word, which translates to only $15 for a 1000-word piece. Considering this platform is accessible exclusively for US writers, it can be quite challenging to make a satisfactory income with such fees.

Moreover, while low rates shouldn’t dictate the quality, it’s essential for skilled content creators to explore other writing sites offering better pay and opportunities. That way, you can find the right platform that matches your needs and expertise.

Content Mills vs Freelance Writing Job Boards

Content mills are platforms that offer inexpensive articles to clients, produced by a team of freelance writers. As the content is relatively cheap, the writers usually receive low pay per word. For many freelancers, especially in the US, content mills may not be the best option to cover their expenses.

On the contrary, freelance writing job boards provide an opportunity for writers to establish direct connections with clients, removing the middleman from the process. When you work through job boards, the client pays you directly, allowing you to keep the entire amount.

In general, job boards tend to be more lucrative for freelancers. However, you may still encounter clients offering low rates, such as $0.01 per word. Many writers consider job boards to be suitable for those with an established portfolio, making content mills or platforms like Textbroker or iWriter a good starting point in the industry. A content mill or a similar platform helps build experience before transitioning to more competitive freelance platforms.

When you’re prepared to advance in your content writing career, explore freelance writing job boards to find higher-paying writing opportunities. This way, you can steadily progress within the freelance market and create a sustainable income stream.

Exploring Textbroker Alternatives

With various factors influencing the ideal freelance platform for you, such as location, experience, and specific needs, there’s comfort in knowing numerous content writing sites cater to a wide range of writers. Whether you’re in the United States, Canada, or elsewhere, rest assured that you have alternatives to popular options like Textbroker and iWriter.

One compelling choice is Writer Access, where you can set your own rates and grow both your skills and earnings. As a business owner focusing on content marketing and SEO content, expanding your horizons to include freelance blogging can also be a wise move to make money online.

As you consider different freelancing sites, keep in mind the advantages and disadvantages of each platform, from their client base to their support resources. Remember, finding the perfect fit may take time, but exploring your options will undoubtedly lead you to success.

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