Websites for Memes: Your Ultimate Guide to Online Laughter

Memes have become an integral part of today’s internet culture, and their popularity has even reached the business world. With their versatile uses, ranging from email marketing campaigns to blog posts and presentations, memes often lighten the mood and make content more engaging. However, with a vast pool of memes available, finding the perfect one can be challenging. Worry not! We’ve gathered a list of the 11 best websites where you can find memes that cater to your preferences.

No matter if you’re searching for a humorous way to communicate with your team or merely sharing a laugh on social media, these meme websites have you covered. Whether you’re viewing or creating memes, this article will help you navigate the trending meme culture and utilize the tool to its full potential.

Key Takeaways

  • Find the perfect meme to suit your needs, be it for business or leisure
  • Discover the 11 best websites for browsing or creating memes
  • Learn how to stay updated with trending memes on different platforms

11 Best Websites for Memes: Whether You’re Viewing or Creating Them


Reddit offers an extensive variety of memes and GIFs, making it a great resource for all your meme needs. With categories like r/memes and r/funny, this social media platform can help you find the perfect meme in no time. Plus, by participating in the voting system, you’ll contribute to the meme’s popularity.

Websites for Memes


Tenor is home to countless GIFs and has a meme generator to suit your creative side. If you enjoy video memes, Tenor is perfect for creating and sharing your own GIFs, stickers, and MP4s across social media.


Imgflip is both a meme generator and a community hub for meme enthusiasts. Browse the user-uploaded gallery, create your custom meme with one of their templates, and see your meme gain popularity as the community votes on it.


As the “HQ of memes,” 9GAG is dedicated to bringing you the freshest and funniest memes on the web. With tags to help you search, 9GAG also shares news alerts using memes and GIFs. Share and vote for your favorites on this humor-focused website.


Discover all sorts of GIF memes on GIPHY, categorized by subject. Refine your search using keywords, hashtags, or creator usernames, and easily embed or share your chosen GIFs on social media or blogs. Creating your own GIFs and stickers is a breeze with GIPHY as well.

Know Your Meme

Not only does Know Your Meme collect and document tons of internet memes, but it also offers forums for Meme Research. Upload your own memes, participate in discussions, and elevate your meme creation skills to attract more traffic to your blog.


Memedroid has an enormous collection of memes and GIFs. Search for the most recent and popular memes or enjoy random ones for quick entertainment. With a friendly layout and user engagement tools like voting emoticons, Memedroid is perfect for browsing memes.


Find your favorite memes using Imgur’s website interface and search bar. See high-scoring or viral memes and use Imgur’s meme maker to create your own. You’ll love the built-in templates and customization features.


Though primarily an image-sharing and discovery platform, Pinterest is a treasure trove of memes. Search for your desired meme using keywords and save favorites to your own board. Engage with other meme uploaders and use this inspiration to create your own.


Tumblr is a microblogging and social media platform that houses a wide range of memes. Follow tags and accounts to get regular updates. Create and post your own memes, and even develop a blog – public or private – to redirect traffic to your site.


Many popular memes can be found on Memebase. With categories for puns, politics, video games, and more, this platform makes searching for memes easy. Upvote or downvote memes and find the most popular ones to enjoy every week.

How Do I Find Trending Memes?

In order to find fresh and trending memes, you can turn to a few valuable resources. The first place to look is on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. By searching for hashtags like #memes, #funny, or #trendingmemes, you’ll be able to discover the most popular and recent content.

Another approach is to visit meme generator websites like Imgflip, GIPHY, or Kapwing. These sites enable users to create and share their own memes, letting you browse through various popular and trending templates. Plus, they typically have a dedicated section for the latest and most beloved memes, making it easier to keep up with current trends.

When searching for viral memes, remember to upload your creations with relevant keywords and select fitting fonts to attract attention. The lifecycle of viral content moves at a rapid pace, so staying informed about current events and pop culture trends is crucial to ensure that you don’t miss out on the most up-to-date memes. As you explore, enjoy the dynamic world of memes with a friendly attitude and always be open to discovering new trends.

The Bottom Line: Best Websites for Memes

Memes have the power to brighten your day and even offer valuable content for your business. You can find a treasure trove of entertaining memes on sites like Reddit, Imgur, and Memedroid. To add a personal twist, sites like Kapwing give you the tools to create custom memes that’ll make you and your friends giggle. When exploring these websites, keep in mind aspects like gaming, tech themes, and privacy terms. So, dive in and enjoy the world of memes awaiting you!

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