How Long Does it Take to Make Money on YouTube: A Quick Guide

YouTube has become a global phenomenon, with people watching an average of one billion hours of content every day. The platform offers endless entertainment, education, and inspiration, creating unique opportunities for content creators. Successful YouTubers like Mr. Beast, Dude Perfect, and Jeffree Star have transformed their passion for creating videos into a full-time career, illustrating that it is possible for anyone to achieve this feat.

In this guide, we’ll explore various aspects of making money on YouTube, including how long it takes to start earning, and the different monetization strategies available. We’ll also discuss the number of subscribers you need to turn your channel into a sustainable source of income. By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of how to harness the power of YouTube to launch your own successful career as a content creator.

Key Takeaways

  • The article reveals various monetization strategies for aspiring and existing YouTube creators.
  • Time, subscriber count, and creativity play a crucial role in generating income on YouTube.
  • Success on YouTube relies on implementing a combination of multiple monetization methods.

How Long Before You Earn from YouTube?

Different Ways to Earn on YouTube

Although the time it takes to profit from YouTube varies depending on factors such as video quality, targeted keywords, and audience engagement, it is possible to start earning once you’ve reached 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers in the span of 12 months. Diversifying your income sources provides stability, letting you make the most out of your YouTube channel. Here are five methods to consider:

How Long Does it Take to Make Money on YouTube
  1. YouTube Partner Program: To be eligible for this program, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time. It enables creators to earn ad revenue from their content.
  2. Affiliate marketing: By promoting products and services in their videos using unique links, creators can earn a commission for each sale generated.
  3. Sponsorships: Partnering with brands for sponsored videos or product placements can help you earn extra income.
  4. Selling products and services: Build a loyal audience and market your merchandise or services directly to them.
  5. Donations: Accept contributions from your viewers through platforms such as Patreon or Ko-fi.

Becoming a YouTube Partner

Earnings Potential as a YouTube Partner

As a YouTube Partner, your earnings will depend on factors such as the number of published videos, your niche, and audience size. For instance, the YouTube creator from ‘Meet Kevin’ has experienced multiple million-dollar months, with a significant portion of that income coming from the YouTube Partner Program. Keep in mind that earnings may vary greatly among creators.

YouTube Premium and Its Impact on Creators

YouTube Premium is a subscription service that offers viewers an ad-free experience for $11.99 per month. Subscribers enjoy features such as offline video viewing, usage on up to 10 devices, and the ability to use other apps while watching videos on mobile devices.

As a YouTube Partner, you can still earn Adsense income from YouTube Premium subscribers. The revenue you receive is based on the amount of content they watch, so creating engaging content is essential.

Key Facts about the YouTube Partner Program

Before joining the YouTube Partner Program, ensure that you meet the necessary qualifications. These include:

  • At least 4,000 watch hours
  • A minimum of 1,000 subscribers
  • A linked Google Adsense account
  • No active community strikes on your account
  • Living in a country where the YouTube Partner Program is available
  • Adhering to YouTube’s monetization policies

Payments are issued monthly, and your balance must be at least $100 to receive payment. Additionally, creating ad-friendly content is crucial; this means limiting or avoiding vulgar language and offensive material. Overall, becoming a YouTube Partner presents a remarkable opportunity for creators to generate income through ad revenue and YouTube Premium viewership.

YouTube Monetization: Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

How Does Affiliate Marketing on YouTube Function?

To earn from affiliate marketing on YouTube, you need to share products in your videos and place affiliate links in your video descriptions. Mention the product in your video and instruct viewers to click the link in the description to proceed.

When someone clicks your affiliate link and completes a conversion (a lead or sale, depending on the program), you’ll earn a commission. There are numerous affiliate programs available in various industries, including high-ticket ones.

Potential Earnings From YouTube Affiliate Marketing

Top creators utilizing YouTube affiliate marketing can earn up to six figures annually or more. For instance, an interview with Eric Worral talks about generating $40,000/month from affiliate marketing through uploading videos on YouTube.

Key Points to Understand About Affiliate Marketing

Keep in mind that affiliate marketing requires a significant amount of traffic to see results. Also, there are many affiliate programs to choose from, so organization is crucial; neglecting this can result in leaving money unclaimed.

Be prepared for the possibility of rejection, as not every affiliate program you apply to may accept you. Finally, understand that affiliate programs can change over time. Payouts, payment terms, and even the existence of the program may fluctuate, so adaptability is essential in this ever-evolving landscape.

Earning Through YouTube Brand Partnerships

Potential Earnings from YouTube Brand Collaborations

Brand deals or sponsorships on YouTube provide a chance for creators to collaborate with companies to promote their products in exchange for compensation. This can be in the form of money, gifted products, or both. Top YouTube creators have earned up to $187,000 per sponsored video, but keep in mind this isn’t the norm for everyone. However, even smaller creators can develop a profitable income stream by partnering with brands.

Crucial Insights About YouTube Brand Deals

While brand deals can add to your YouTube earnings, it’s important to recognize their inconsistent nature. They shouldn’t be considered a constant revenue source, as the number of sponsorships can fluctuate from one month to the next.

To safeguard your interests, always establish a sponsorship agreement or contract detailing the terms of the collaboration, such as compensation, timeline, and deliverables. This ensures clear communication between you and the brand.

You can secure brand deals in multiple ways, including receiving emails from interested sponsors, reaching out to potential partners directly, or applying for sponsorship campaigns through networks like Izea or Tap Influence.

Monetize your YouTube Channel by Offering Products and Services

Potential Earnings from Selling Products and Services on YouTube

One lucrative way to monetize your YouTube channel is by promoting and selling your products and services. By mentioning your offerings in your videos and including links in the video descriptions, you can generate passive income from sales. Top creator Graham Stephan revealed in a CNBC article that he makes nearly $30,000 per month by selling digital courses hosted on Teachable.

Key Points to Consider for Selling Products and Services

Selling products and services on your YouTube channel can offer considerable earning potential both in the short and long term. Unlike other revenue streams, you’ll enjoy 100% profit from your sales without any third-party negotiations or program rules. To optimize this income source, it’s essential to:

  • Offer valuable products or services to your audience
  • Effectively market your offerings

Ensure that your products or services address your audience’s needs and pain points. If you’re unsure what to offer, engage with your fans through polls, YouTube videos, community posts, or comments. Once you identify a problem-solving product, focus on marketing strategies such as email marketing and sales funnels. If necessary, consider hiring a professional to assist you.

Examples of Products and Services to Sell

Your offerings can span physical or digital products, as well as diverse services. Here are some ideas:

Physical Products

  • Merchandise: t-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, etc.
  • Jewelry
  • Artwork

Digital Products

  • Ebooks
  • Courses
  • Digital planners
  • Templates


  • Coaching
  • Consulting

You can utilize platforms like Shopify, Gumroad, Teachable, or Etsy to sell your products and services. By focusing on delivering valuable solutions and effective marketing, product and service sales can become one of your most profitable revenue streams.

Earn Money on Your YouTube Channel Through Donations

How Much Can Fan Funding and Donations Bring In?

Fan funding, offering your audience exclusive access to content in exchange for their financial support, can be quite lucrative. For example, there are Patreon creators earning up to $20,000 per month or more! The key is providing valuable and appealing content for your fans.

Factors to Consider When Setting Up Fan Funding and Donations

  1. Time and effort: Setting up a donation system, like Patreon or Ko-fi, requires thoughtful planning and organization. You’ll need to create a custom page and offer unique perks, such as exclusive content, merchandise, or access to a special group or newsletter.
  2. Platform fees: Some platforms won’t charge a monthly subscription but will take a percentage of your donations instead. Be mindful of the costs associated with your chosen platform.
  3. Fan loyalty matters most: The size of your YouTube channel isn’t as important as the loyalty of your fans. Smaller channels can benefit from donations just as much, if not more, than larger channels, as long as their supporters are loyal and value the content you provide.

Remember, through fan funding and donations, you can generate a reliable income stream that will support your work on YouTube. All you need is dedication, creativity, and an understanding of what your audience loves.

How Many Subscribers Do You Need To Make Money On YouTube?

To join the YouTube Partner Program, you’ll require 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours on your channel within the last 12 months. This program allows you to display ads on your videos and earn revenue from AdSense. However, don’t worry if you have fewer subscribers; you can still make money on YouTube.

It’s actually possible to start earning with zero subscribers by monetizing your content through various strategies as soon as your channel is created. So, even with a small subscriber base, you can still generate income on YouTube!

What’s the Quickest Method to Earn on YouTube?

To rapidly generate income on YouTube, opt for selling. Engage in affiliate marketing by selling others’ products or capitalize on your own creations. This approach allows you to make money instantly, even without thousands of subscribers. Remember, a friendly and relatable tone in your content can make all the difference.

How Much Money Can You Make On YouTube?

As a YouTube content creator, there are several ways to maximize your income. One way is through ad revenue when you become a YouTube partner, allowing you to earn passively and focus on your content.

Another method is using the platform to promote brand deals and include affiliate links in your videos. By naturally mentioning products you support, you can increase your earnings as a creator.

Expanding further, selling your own products and services can be quite profitable, though it might demand more effort compared to other revenue channels.

Finally, you can receive donations from your subscribers through platforms like Patreon or Kofi, fostering a loyal community and helping to sustain your channel. Combining these strategies can potentially lead to impressive YouTube income.

The Key to Earning Money on YouTube

Diversifying your income sources is crucial for maximizing your YouTube channel’s profit potential. Stay persistent and focus on creating high-quality content, as this isn’t a simple task.

Embrace this friendly advice and let it motivate you to take the necessary steps in monetizing your YouTube channel effectively.

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