How Much Does Textbroker Pay? Unveiling Freelance Writing Earnings

Navigating the world of freelance writing can often be as challenging as it is rewarding, especially when it comes to understanding payment structures of different content platforms. Textbroker, a well-known platform in the freelance writing community, offers a way for writers like you to earn money by creating content for various clients. The pay at Textbroker is based on a per-word rate, which varies depending on the quality level of the writer within the platform.

As a writer looking to either begin or advance your freelance career, understanding how Textbroker compensates its authors is crucial. The platform classifies writers into levels, and your level determines your per-word rate. This system incentivizes quality, as higher-rated writers receive higher pay. Additionally, Textbroker provides a broad range of writing assignments, making it a flexible option for writers with different interests and expertise. While it takes a commission from writers’ earnings, many find the trade-off for consistent available work and the platform’s structured payment system to be worthwhile.

Key Takeaways

  • Textbroker pays writers based on word count and quality level.
  • Higher writer ratings result in increased per-word rates.
  • Offers flexibility and a variety of writing assignments.

Overview of Textbroker

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When you’re navigating the world of online writing, understanding the dynamics of content mills like Textbroker is key. Let’s breakdown what this platform offers to both writers and businesses in the realm of content creation and digital marketing.

Understanding Content Mills

Content mills, often known as content factories, are websites where businesses commission content for marketing purposes at a scale. As a writer on these platforms, you’re typically paid per piece or per word, with the rate often depending on your experience and writing quality. Textbroker is a prime example of such a platform, offering a space for writers to connect with businesses in need of written content.

Textbroker’s Business Model

At its core, Textbroker’s business model is all about connecting you, the writer, with businesses looking for a streamlined approach to sourcing written content. Here’s how it works:

  • For Writers: You’ll join the platform, submit a writing sample, and get a initial rating. This rating, along with your ongoing work quality, determines your per-word rate, ranging from $0.007 to $0.05 per word.
  • For Businesses: Businesses turn to Textbroker for the convenience of outsourcing their content needs. The platform serves as a marketing tool, providing them with a vast selection of writers to produce everything from blog posts to technical articles.

Textbroker stands out in the marketplace by offering a tiered system for writers, rewarding high-quality content with higher pay and more visibility to clients on the platform.

How Textbroker Pay Works

Understanding how you’re paid is crucial when writing for Textbroker, where earnings are influenced by word count and the quality of your work.

Payment Structure

At Textbroker, your pay is calculated on a per-word basis, ensuring you’re compensated for every word you write. Payments are distributed weekly, offering you a steady income stream as you continue to produce content for the platform.

Earnings Per Word

Textbroker’s payment rates start at around $0.007 per word for lower-level writers and can go up to $0.05 per word for higher-quality levels. Your earnings can significantly vary depending on your skill and the complexity of the content you’re tasked with.

Quality Rating and Levels

Your quality level, determined by Textbroker’s star rating system, directly impacts your per-word rate. You begin at a certain level, and by consistently delivering quality content, you can climb up the ladder. Strive for a 4-star level or higher to boost your per-word earnings and unlock more lucrative writing opportunities.

Types of Writing Assignments

When you write for Textbroker, you’ll encounter a variety of assignment options that cater to different preferences and skill sets. Each type offers unique opportunities, allowing you to diversify your writing projects and income sources.


OpenOrders are just what they sound like: open to all writers on the platform within your quality level. You’re free to pick any article or blog post from a pool of orders. Payment for OpenOrders depends on your Textbroker rating, and the pricing per word ranges from $0.007 to $0.05. With this option, the more you write, and the higher your quality, the more you can earn.


DirectOrders are personalized assignments where clients reach out to you specifically because they like your writing style. Here, you have the advantage of setting your own rates, which can be significantly higher than those of OpenOrders. These types of assignments can vary, from blog posts to product descriptions, and are a great way to build a steady client base.


With TeamOrders, you join a group of writers, working cooperatively to fulfill the needs of a specific client or project. These orders often provide a middle ground in terms of pay, typically more than OpenOrders but less than DirectOrders, and can offer a consistent workflow. Being part of a team also means you might get the chance to work on larger projects like comprehensive articles or series of blog posts.

Becoming an Author with Textbroker

If you’re looking to flex your writing muscles and earn income as a content creator, becoming an author with Textbroker is a straightforward process. Here’s how you can get started:

Creating a Profile

Your first step is to create a comprehensive profile. It’s important to provide details that showcase your expertise and areas of interest. This is your opportunity to highlight your writing abilities to potential clients, making it more likely you’ll receive work that aligns with your skills.

Submitting a Writing Sample

Textbroker requires you to submit a writing sample to assess your writing quality. This should be a reflection of your best work, as it determines your initial author rating. Aim for a sample that demonstrates strong grammar, good structure, and articulate style to secure a favourable evaluation.

Author Levels Explained

Once your writing sample is reviewed, you’ll be assigned an author level. Here’s a brief explanation:

  • Level 2: Suitable for authors with basic writing skills.
  • Level 3: A good fit if you have fair writing capabilities and a grasp of the basics.
  • Level 4 (4-star level): Achieving this level means you’re producing great content with few errors.
  • Level 5: Reserved for those with excellent writing skills and a professional standard.

Your level will impact your earning potential, so aim high and strive to improve to move up the ranks!

Maximizing Earnings

To boost your income with Textbroker, focus on strategic opportunities like bonuses, leveraging teams, and attracting direct orders that come with higher commission rates. Each of these tactics not only increases your base pay but also enables you to establish a more lucrative relationship with clients.

Utilizing Bonuses

Bonuses can significantly raise your pay per word. Keep an eye out for clients offering additional incentives for quick turnaround times or for submitting high-quality content that exceeds their expectations. These bonuses can add a hefty sum to your earnings and reward your dedication to quality and efficiency.

Participating in Teams

Joining teams within Textbroker opens the door to a variety of specialized orders tailored to your skills. These orders often come with a higher rate than the open marketplace, and you have the added advantage of less competition. Being on a team means you have a steady flow of work from clients who already value your writing style and expertise.

Commission from Direct Orders

Encourage clients to request your services specifically with direct orders. These orders not only boost your earnings due to a higher per-word rate but also build a direct relationship with clients who may become repeat customers. Direct orders often include a commission for Textbroker, but the personalized rates you set can compensate for this, ultimately increasing your income as you make money writing online.

Tips for Success

In the competitive world of freelance writing on platforms like Textbroker, your success hinges on the quality of your work, your ability to conduct effective research, and your customer service skills. Here’s how you can excel in each of these areas.

Improving Writing Quality

Your writing quality is directly linked to your Textbroker rating, which determines your pay rate. To improve, consistently proofread your work for grammar and clarity. Engage with feedback from clients and editors and adjust your writing accordingly. Read extensively in your niche to understand styles and terminology.

Effective Research Techniques

Good research is foundational for providing valuable content. Start by scrutinizing the request to understand the client’s needs. Use reputable sources to gather accurate information and cite them if necessary. Employ keyword research tools to enhance the SEO potential of your writing. Remember that the credibility of your work boosts your Textbroker profile.

Customer Service Skills

Effective communication with clients is vital. Always be professional and courteous in your interactions. Promptly address revision requests and be open to feedback; this could increase your chance of getting direct orders from clients. Building a positive rapport can lead to repeat work and impacts your reputation on the platform.

Payment Process and Frequency

In the realm of freelance writing with Textbroker, understanding the payment process and knowing when you’ll get paid is crucial to managing your finances effectively.

Cashing Out with PayPal

To receive your earnings from Textbroker, you’ll need a PayPal account. Once your balance hits the $10 threshold, you can request a pay-out. This convenience allows you to access your funds quickly after cashing out, making it a straightforward way to manage your income as a freelance writer.

Understanding the Pay-Out Schedule

Textbroker follows a consistent pay-out schedule, disbursing payments weekly. Specifically, if clients accept your articles submitted from Friday through Thursday, payments are made every Friday, provided that you’ve claimed your money on time. It’s a predictable system that ensures you receive your payments regularly for the content you produce.

Working as a Freelancer

Embarking on a freelance writing journey offers you the freedom to work as an independent contractor and the ability to shape your career around your interests and lifestyle. It’s essential to understand the landscape, from the role of content mills to the best practices for sustainable freelancing.

Building a Freelance Writing Career

To build a successful career as a freelance writer, focus on honing your writing skills and creating a diverse portfolio that showcases your range. Networking with clients and other writers can lead to opportunities that align with your expertise. Remember, it’s a gradual process, so be patient and persistent.

Pros and Cons of Content Mills

Content mills like Textbroker are platforms where you can get your start and gain experience. They can provide steady work, but the pay is often lower than what you might earn with direct clients. Weighing these pros and cons is crucial to determining if they fit into your career strategy.

  • Pros:

    • Regular flow of assignments
    • Opportunity to enhance your writing portfolio
  • Cons:

    • Lower rates per word
    • High competition for projects

Maintaining a Freelance Lifestyle

As a freelance writer, maintaining your lifestyle involves balancing work with personal time. Time management is key, as is setting realistic goals for income, which can average around $14.62 per hour according to some reports. Keep a disciplined schedule to manage your freelance commitments efficiently.

Textbroker Reviews and Feedback

Before deep-diving into detailed reviews and feedback, it’s important for you to understand the varying experiences writers have had with Textbroker and how it may affect your potential earnings.

Analyzing Textbroker Reviews

Reviewing feedback from various writers, it’s evident that Textbroker offers a platform where you can secure writing gigs flexibly. A common highlight from a 2024 review on Niche Pursuits is the platform’s user-friendly interface, allowing for a manageable navigation experience. Writers value the flexibility of their work schedule but also caution about the potential for low payouts.

  • Pros:

    • Easy sign-up process
    • Access to a variety of client orders
  • Cons:

    • Earnings rely on a star-rating system
    • Can involve a wait for approval
    • Personal information required for payment

Experiences of Seasoned Writers

For a more seasoned writer, the platform can be profitable, albeit the earning curve varies. An experienced writer’s perspective, as shown on DollarBreak’s review, shares that on average, writers can earn around $17 per hour. However, it’s crucial to note that this figure is an average and your earnings can vary greatly based on your writing level and the type of content you produce.

It’s important to keep in mind that higher ratings have the potential to increase your pay rate. For example, a writer with a 4-star rating on Textbroker might earn $7 for a 500-word article. Yet, the time invested in crafting a well-researched piece is a critical factor to consider when calculating your actual hourly rate.


As a content writer looking to make money online, Textbroker offers a platform where your writing abilities and expertise directly influence your earnings. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Payment per Word: Your pay is determined on a per word basis, ranging from $0.007 to $0.05 depending on your rating level.
  • Higher Ratings, Higher Pay: By delivering quality work and improving your rating, you can climb the levels and increase your wages.
  • Commission: Remember, Textbroker does take a 35% commission from your earnings.

Strategies to Maximize Earnings:

  1. Quality Work: Consistently high-quality writing can boost your rating and unlock higher pay rates.
  2. Efficiency: Develop a writing process that maximizes your time and output.
  3. Specialization: Hone your expertise in specific niches to stand out and potentially attract higher-paying assignments.

By understanding the payment structure and focusing on your unique writing skills, you can effectively leverage Textbroker to supplement your income as a content writer.

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