Low Hanging System Review: A Quick and Friendly Guide

In today’s digital world, venturing into the realm of eCommerce is an attractive prospect for many. Print on Demand (POD) has become a popular business model, with courses like the Low Hanging System (LHS) promising easy profits. Created by Rachel Rofe, LHS aims to teach users how to make money using POD. But is it really as simple as it seems? This review will delve into the key features of this course and discuss whether it’s worth your time and money.

While the Low Hanging System course offers comprehensive content and additional resources, it’s important to remember that the road to success requires dedication and effort. Therefore, it’s crucial to explore alternative courses and options before investing your hard-earned cash. Keep in mind that the POD business space can be quite competitive, and LHS has its fair share of pros and cons to consider.

Key Takeaways

  • Low Hanging System is a comprehensive Print on Demand course created by experienced eCommerce entrepreneur, Rachel Rofe
  • Success in the POD business requires dedication, time, and effort, with competition being a significant factor to consider
  • Researching alternative courses and options before investing your money is a wise decision

What is Low Hanging System? And Who is Rachel Rofe?

Low Hanging System is an all-inclusive method aimed at assisting you in generating a solid income by selling Print on Demand (POD) items like t-shirts and mugs. Essentially, you create eye-catching phrases and appealing designs, apply them to your merchandise, and then showcase your products to potential customers. However, there’s more to achieving success in this online business than just witty quotes and fancy fonts.

Low Hanging System Review

Rachel Rofe, who collaborates with Don Wilson, developed this popular system. As the face of the Low Hanging System, Rachel has extensive experience in the POD industry and has prospered significantly, evident by her personal blog and multiple appearances in various publications. By following this system, you too can potentially kickstart your journey as an online entrepreneur, generating passive income through your own creative POD business.

Low Hanging System Review: Key Features

Choose Your Profitable Niche

Start by picking a lucrative niche using tools like SpotWins and SpotNiches software provided by the Low Hanging System. These tools help you identify niches with high potential.

Find Creative Quotes and Sayings

The second step involves finding engaging quotes or sayings and adding your unique touch to them. Even if you’re not artistic, you can still tweak existing phrases to create personalized designs.

Create Your GearBubble Account

In this step, you’ll set up a GearBubble account where your designs will be printed on the items you choose. The account itself is free, with extra charges only for Amazon, Etsy, or eBay integrations.

Select Relevant Keywords

Next, you’ll receive keyword research training to identify related keywords for your products to rank on different platforms, such as Amazon or Etsy. Understanding which keywords are most effective is crucial for success with this system.

Launch Your Products with Amazon

Setting up your business on Amazon isn’t as daunting as it may seem. Simply create an Amazon Seller Account and benefit from the Low Hanging System’s support, which may help you get listed sooner.

Expand to Other E-commerce Platforms

Amazon isn’t your only option – exploring other online marketplaces, like Etsy and eBay, can increase your sales. By expanding your reach, more people will have the opportunity to discover and purchase your products, boosting your income.

Streamline Order Fulfillment with GearBubble

GearBubble makes the order fulfillment process stress-free by managing all customer orders for you, allowing you to focus on growing your e-commerce business.

Additional Optional Low Hanging System Features and Bonuses

Enhance your experience with the Low Hanging System course by exploring these optional add-ons and bonuses:

  • Effortless Integration allows you to effortlessly connect with platforms like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, GearBubble, and Spotify, enabling you to sell products on multiple platforms with ease.
  • The Design Forecaster tool grants essential data to help you determine the optimal number and timing of design releases to meet your sales goals.
  • With SpotNiches and SpotWins software, discover hidden niches and successful products without starting from scratch. Although helpful, this software is optional as the course teaches manual strategies for finding the same information.
  • Kickstart your print-on-demand business with 180 complimentary mugs—five boxes containing 36 mugs each.
  • Utilize the Holiday Success Blueprint to capitalize on the festive season, boosting your profits during the most lucrative time of the year.
  • Enjoy access to 100 ready-made designs and an Inventory Management Feature for simplified sales and order tracking.
  • The Inventory Management system simplifies the process of monitoring and tracking sales, ensuring smooth overall operations.

These optional features and bonuses can help you optimize your Low Hanging System experience while providing additional support for growing your print-on-demand business.


Additional Offers

The Low Hanging System has an initial price of $1,491 for the basic package. To sign up, you’ll need to attend an online seminar and may later be contacted via phone to complete the purchase. If paying the full amount upfront is a concern, they offer a three-part payment plan, each costing $497, with the first payment due immediately, and the other two due 30 and 60 days later.

Keep in mind, the Low Hanging System is an investment, so ensure it’s the right fit before committing.

Extra Features

Should you consider additional features, the Low Hanging System provides upsells. One such upsell is the Jumpstart program, costing $1,997, which includes extra training courses, creative bonuses, Done For You Templates, and weekly live webinars.

However, one-on-one coaching is not included in the package. Still, you can ask questions during webinars and receive guidance from experienced professionals.

Remember to budget for ads and software while planning your expenses to maximize your online business’s success.

Money Back Guarantee

Previously, discounts existed for the Low Hanging System. However, they are no longer provided, and it seems a refund policy may not be in place either. The sales page lacks information regarding refunds, suggesting that returns likely aren’t offered.

Is Low Hanging System legit?

Yes, the Low Hanging System is a legitimate course. Keep in mind, though, that passive income is not guaranteed, and your success depends on various factors. While making money through advertising investments can be challenging, this course is trustworthy and not a scam.

What Are People Saying About Low Hanging System?

It seems like the opinions about Low Hanging System can vary. From what you can gather, some unverified opinions on Quora have shown mixed feedback. Additionally, you’ve noticed positive testimonials too, but they were found mainly on the product’s own sales page. This information may help potential buyers in deciding about the course’s value and customer service.

Alternatives to Low Hanging System

Print or Demand with Etsy

A helpful option to look into is a Udemy course that guides you on setting up automated Etsy stores for print-on-demand and dropshipping. As a beginner-friendly course, you’ll learn store customization, eCommerce SEO, and integrating Etsy with Printful. With over 23,000 satisfied students, a 4.7/5 rating from about 1,000 ratings, and regular updates, it’s definitely worth considering!

Enrolling in Printful Academy

Another great alternative is Printful Academy, providing a comprehensive beginner’s course that teaches everything necessary to succeed in the print-on-demand business. This free resource offers five modules containing more than 20 video lessons, discussing important topics such as niche selection, product pricing strategies, and optimizing your e-commerce store. It’s readily accessible to everyone and suitable for various e-commerce platforms, including Shopify.

Conclusion – Can You Make Money With Low Hanging System?

The Low Hanging System is not much different from other print-on-demand (POD) courses. It has a simple strategy: create catchy phrases with attractive fonts, partner with GearBubble, market aggressively, and generate passive income.

Although it seems like an excellent way to make money online, it may not be an original or revolutionary idea. By investing in Low Hanging System, you pay for an account activation fee on GearBubble and access free integration with Amazon, Etsy, and eBay, depending on your package.

If you plan to launch an online business with these services, then Low Hanging System may be worth considering. However, standing out in the intensely competitive POD industry can be challenging, and making profits or passive income from print-on-demand products requires dedication and resources to handle customer inquiries, complaints, and refunds promptly.

While convenient, selling online via POD can be overwhelming for some entrepreneurs and might require more effort than anticipated. Before investing in any course, conduct thorough research to ensure value for money and avoid misleading promises of passive income or quick profits. Keep a friendly tone while maintaining a realistic perspective on potential business ventures.

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